215 Series Axle

The 215 series axle is a double reduction unit, with oil immersed, multi-plate disc brakes.

Overall Axle Ratio
Hydrostatic Transfer Gearbox Ratio
1.53:1, 1.76:1, 2.13:1
Maximum Load Ratio
Model 212: 1820 kg (4000 lb)
Model 215: 3200 kg (7040 lb)
Model 212: 3390 Nm (2500 lbf.ft)
Model 215: 6460 Nm (4764 lb.ft)
Brakes (Optional)
Maximum braking torque at both wheels: 6050 Nm (4370 lbf.ft), based on axle ratio of 14.8:1 and two friction plates per side.
Hydraulic operating pressure: 60 bar (900 psi)
Parkbrake (Optional)
Maximum braking torque at both wheels: 5125 Nm (3780 lbf.ft).
Cable pull at axle: 2670 N (600 lbf), operating at 130mm centres
Track Width Options
The standard axle uses cast arms, generating a track width of 1125mm. Numerous options are available through the use of fabricated arms, with 1475mm, 1829mm and 1925mm currently available.

Approx Weight
Model: 212: 110 kg (242 lb)
Model 215PB (standard input): 120 kg (264 lb)
Model 215PBH (hydrostatic): 190 kg (418 lb)
Approx Oil Capacity
3 litres (5.3 pints)
Integral transfer gearbox with hydrostatic motor input ratios up to 2.13:1. Adapters for all major hydrostatic motor suppliers can be supplied.