Company Development

We have a continuing investment and development program to ensure our products continue to achieve the highest standards in customer satisfaction.
Drawing on the knowledge and experience we have gained from our many years of transmission manufacture, while embracing ever improving modern design and manufacturing techniques, we are always looking for ways to improve our current products.
We invest heavily in our testing and development program in an attempt to bring new and exciting products to our current ranges.
We are continuing to invest in new machinery to increase our manufacturing capacity.
We now also offer a range of modern apprenticeship programmes which provide hands on experience while gaining academic qualifications.

Product Development

PRM Newage has the benefit of an onsite applications testing facility, meaning that all product testing takes place in house. All of our products have built a reputation for their reliability and longevity, and this is down to the thorough and rigorous testing that each new product has to undergo.

Our development facility houses multiple testing cells, including Dynamometer cells with the capability to run automated variable loading tests, replicating an accelerated duty cycle for the product. This is a very important part of our ongoing product improvement program.

New Products

We are always developing new and exciting products to increase the our product range. We have recently introduced three new mechanical marine gearboxes, and a specially designed Power Take Off for one of the smaller Hydraulic marine gearboxes.

The portfolio of NEWAGE products is also increasing with the new Ground Support axle range now being sold across two continents, and we expect the new 216 axle to follow suit in the near future. The NEWAGE range of Electric axles is growing, with the addition of two new axles to the portfolio, including the 116RF and 311PB.