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Owners Handbook

This handbook covers the following models of Marine gearboxes:

Owners Handbook

- PRM60                               - PRM500

- PRM90                               - PRM750

- PRM125                             - PRM1000

- PRM150                             - PRM1500

- PRM260                             - PRM1750

- PRM280


To download the Owners Handbook, click here.

CAD models

All of PRM's products are designed using 3D Cad software. To help our customers we have uploaded .STEP files of our products, so that they can be used in customer installations.

These are hollow models and are also available as .IGS files on request.

Unfortunately, not all of the PRM products are available for download. The available models are shown below.

To download the file, simply click on the product name below:


PRM 80




Off Highway

Models coming soon




Ground Support

412 Series

512 Series



Workshop Manual

Workshop manuals are available for the majority of PRM marine products. These manuals include exploded views

of the products, as well as step-by-step guides, taking the user through the standard procedures.

Manuals can be found on each of the products corresponding pages.


Mechanical Marine Gearboxes

Hydraulic Marine Gearboxes

Older Marine Gearbox Models

Off Highway Axles

Traction Gearboxes

Ground Support Equipment Axles