The 311 is a double reduction rigid drive axle, designed to take drive from an electric motor. Power is transmitted to the wheels via a set of double reduction gears and a four pinion differential.

Overall Axle Ratio
18.28:1 and 15.22:1.
Maximum Input Speed
4500 rev/min
Maximum Load Rating
2800 kg (6160 lb) at 714mm (28.11in)
Maximum output torque at both wheels with the motor stalled is 8340 Nm (6151 lbf.ft).
Hydraulically operated calipers with a built-in mechanically operated park brake. Service brake performance: 2270 Nm (1674lbf.ft) per wheel. Park brake torque: 1650 Nm (1217 lbf.ft) Brake fluid FMUSS 116 DOT4, SAEJ1703 & ISO4925.
Wheel Fixings
6 studs M18 x 1.5 mm pitch on 205 mm PCD.
Standard Mounting
Leaf spring mounted with variable centres available upon request.
Approximate Dry Weight
220 Kg (100 lb) without motor.
325 Kg (148 lbs) with motor. 
The unit employs splash lubrication of oil within the axle casing. Oil specification: Q8 T55 SAE 80W-140 oil or equivalent, for operation in ambient temperatures between: -35oC and 55oC.
Approximate Oil Capacity
3.5 litres (6.2 pints)
Ambient Operating Temperature
Between -35o C and +55C

Maximum Input Torque