The 90RF is a double reduction rigid drive axle, designed to take drive from an electric motor, with hydrostatic input as an option. Power is transmitted to the wheels via a set of double reduction gears and a four pinion differential.

Overall Axle Ratio
18.36:1 Other ratios can be developed to specific application.
Maximum Input Speed
4250 rev/min
Maximum Load Rating
800 kg (1764 lb)
Maximum output torque at both wheels with the motor stalled is 1000 Nm (737 lbf.ft).
Hydraulically operated drum brakes, with 19mm diameter wheel cylinder acting on one leading and one trailing shoe. The parking brake is cable operated. Service brake performance: 540 Nm (398 lbf.ft) per wheel at 120 bar (1800 psi) line pressure.
Wheel Fixings
5 studs M14 x 1.5 mm pitch on 145 mm PCD.
500 mm suspension mounting centres as standard. Other mounting options can be developed to specific application.
Approximate Weight
130 kg (286 lb)
The unit employs splash lubrication of oil within the axle casing. Oil specification: Mobil HD80 gear oil or equivalent, for operation in ambient temperatures between: 0oC and 30oC.
Approximate Oil Capacity
0.8 litres (1.4 pints)
Ambient Operating Temperature
Between -30o C and +40o C
90RF image
90RF image