12,000 lb DBP

NEWAGE have developed two axles which are suitable for a typical 12,000 lb Draw Bar Pull application. Utilising the same gearing, NEWAGE are able to offer an 'Over the Shoulder' & Direct input configurations to suit a variety of installations.


The NEWAGE 612 is a double reduction axle, including an inboard planetary set,and offers a 12,000 lb DBP direct input solution to NEWAGE's ground support equipment range. 

The 612 is available in a variety of ratios, including: 19.7:1, 15.8:1 and 13.2:1. The 612 offers a universal mounting pad to allow for both solid and spring mount installations. Mounting centers are available between 23.5in (597mm) and 28in (711mm) and the axle can be tailored to suit custom installations. For more information, please click here


The NEWAGE 613 is a triple reduction axle, including an inboard planetary set, that has been developed to withstand the demanding requirements of the ground support Industry. 

The 613 is NEWAGE's 'over the shoulder' 12,000 lb DBP axle and it has been designed to retrofit into current axle installations. The 613 is available with a 19.7:1, 15.2:1, 13.2:1 or 10.1:1 ratio as standard. The 613 uses a scalloped arm to allow for numerous mounting centers, including 27.16in (700 mm) and 34.25in (870mm), allowing the axle to be mounted either solidly to the chassis or by utilising leaf springs.

For more information, please click here.

12,000 lb DBP