Ground Support Equipment Axle Range Completed

Ground Support Equipment Axle Range Completed

22nd February 2016

PRM Newage has now completed its range of GSE drive axles. As the company's Managing Director, Rob Turner, explains: "We took our range of construction axles and made them suitable for GSE applications.

"The range is now finalized and in service to include tow tractor models with 3,000 through to a 12,000 pound drawbar pull. The 512 and 515 axles are for use in 6,000 drawbar pull tractors and our 612 and 613 axles are for use in tractors up to 12,000 drawbar pull. All axles are available with a park brake, if required.

Primarily designed for the tough environments witnessed on the ramp of freight companies, in particular FedEx at Memphis, PRM Newage originally developed the 512 planetary axle to provide a straight, bolt-in direct replacement for the Axletech TA267 non-planetary axle that was being used in TUG's MA baggage tractors. In the event the 512 axle benefited from two years of testing under demanding conditions by FedEx before being shipped back to the UK for a strip down and condition report. At that point the axles were declared fit for purpose and were subsequently written into FedEx's standard specifications for tow tractors across all of its hubs in the US.

For its part, TUG is now adopting the axle for use in its M1a tractor range as well as for the full MA range. NMC Woolard is also making use of the 512 axle in the company's M60 tractors, along with Charlatte America in its cargo tractors. Additionally, Trowin also utilizes the 512 in its MK3 tractor.

The 512 axle was specifically designed for use in tractors which had a need for a drop center axle where the drive shaft leaves the transmission on the center line and the drop is accommodated in a drop box on the axle. Where the drop is in the transmission, the drive shaft needs to go directly into the nose of the axle; in such a configuration, a drop box is not needed so PRM Newage developed the 515 axle. This was specifically designed around the need to replace part of the complete driveline in the Toyota TD23 and TD25 tractors, where the units provides a complete drop-in replacement for the Japanese axle but with the advantage of using all-American wheels and brake components. United Airlines is presently upgrading it Toyota fleet with these axles as part of the driveline enhancement. 

The 613 drop center 12,000 pound drawbar pull planetary axle was developed to replace the OMSI unit in both the TUG MR and MT tractors. The OMSI axle is an internally wet-braked axle, primarily aimed at construction equipment. This style of braking is often troublesome and expensive to service on this axle which led PRM Newage to develop its 613 axle in order to provide a drop in replacement axle with performance outboard rotor and caliper brakes. This has the effect of providing a quick and inexpensive brake change on this style of tractor, along with provision for increased braking performance.

TUG is trialling the 613 axle for standard fit in the above-mentioned types of tractor whilst United Airlines, along with Delta, is using this axle as a substitute for the OMSI axle. The 612 axle is also now being used by NMC Woolard as standard fitting in its M100 and M140 model tractors.

From Ramp Equipment News Febraury/March 2016

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