With a precision engineering pedigree, PRM Newage Ltd has established an enviable reputation as a specialist in the design and manufacture of high efficiency mechanical driveline equipment.

From its roots at the birth of the UK automotive industry, the company has evolved a product range that encompasses a wide variety of driveline solutions, such as the NEWAGE brand of Off-Highway and Ground Support axles, as well as the world renowned PRM gearbox range for Marine applications. 

In addition, PRM Newage supplies finished products for new generation, special purpose vehicles, and provides sub-contract services for leading manufacturing organisations.

Latest News

International Airport Expo 2014, Las Vegas

We are exhibiting our range of dedicated baggage tow tractor axles. Our 412, 512 and 612 tow tractor axles are available in many different track widths, with both braking and mo...

'PRM Marine Ltd' become 'PRM Newage Ltd'

 'PRM Marine Ltd' have now officially changed it's company name to 'PRM Newage Ltd'.

The brand name 'PRM' has been recognised by the marine industry for decades and is firmly a...